Have a child who won’t stop asking for a mobile phone? The Jewel Watch can help.

The Jewel Watch is a cute and compact toy where users’ can use the small rectangular face of their Jewel Watch to play a range of fun games as well as read the time.

Every Jewel Watch comes with its very own Jewel Pet who will help users navigate through all the cool functions of their new toy.

The watch features a variety of pre-loaded games that can be played on its touchscreen. In one, the object is to stop Jewel Pet from riding her bike into a puddle. In another, the watch’s accelerometer tests users’ sporting skills with a match of virtual tennis.

These watches that come in pink, purple and blue are sure to be on the wish lists of all young girls. And because these devices are not wireless, parents don’t need to monitor what their children are using their watches for.

Watches are ¥6,500 yen and are suitable for all girls over the age of 6.