Purported Islamic State video shows hostage Goto claiming Yukawa has been executed


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A video was posted online Saturday night showing a still image of journalist Kenji Goto, one of two Japanese hostages held by the Islamic State group, holding a picture of what appeared to be the body of fellow captive Haruna Yukawa, a private security contractor who was believed abducted in Syria in August.

In the photo, Goto is holding a composite of two images. In one of them, Yukawa is kneeling on the ground. The other image appears to show his decapitated body. The photo, if authentic, suggests Yukawa was executed after a 72-hour ransom deadline imposed by the terrorist group expired at 2:50 p.m. Friday Japan time.

The images drew immediate condemnation from Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, the No. 2 man in Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Cabinet.

“Such an act is outrageous and unforgivable. We strongly condemn this,” Suga told a hastily arranged news conference shortly after midnight in Tokyo.

“We demand that (the group) not harm Kenji Goto and immediately release him,” Suga said.

The video released Saturday night was accompanied by the voice of a man who identified himself as Goto.

“I am Kenji Goto Jogo. You have seen the photo of my cellmate Haruna slaughtered in the land of the Islamic caliphate,” the voice said in accented English in the video.

“You were warned,” the voice said. “You were given a deadline and so my captors acted upon their words.

“Abe, you killed Haruna. You did not take the threat of my captors seriously. And you did not act within that 72 hours.

“Their demand is easier. They are being fair. They no longer want money. So you do not need to worry about funding terrorists. They are just demanding the release of their imprisoned sister, Sajida Mubarak Atrous al-Rishawi,” the voice said.

“It is simple. You give them Sajida and I will be released.”

Al-Rishawi, reportedly an Iraqi, was the wife of Ali Hussein Ali al-Shamari, who, together with two other suicide bombers killed 57 people during a wedding party at the Amman Radisson hotel in the Jordanian capital of Amman in 2005. Al-Rishawi also took part in the attack, but survived because the belt she was wearing containing explosives failed to detonate.

Al-Rishawi is also reportedly the sister of a former close aide of deceased al-Qaida in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Al-Qaida in Iraq was a forerunner to the terrorist group currently known as the Islamic State.

The video ends with message to Goto’s wife: “Rinko, these could be my last hours in this world and I may be a dead man speaking. Don’t let these be my last words you ever hear. Don’t let Abe also kill me.”

A high-ranking government official said Tokyo has not confirmed the authenticity of the video yet.

Afterward, Prime Minister Abe vowed that Japan “will not give in to terrorism” and will continue to make the utmost efforts to save Goto’s life.

“(We) can keenly understand how the family (of Yukawa) is feeling. We are speechless,” Abe told his ministers during an emergency Cabinet meeting convened shortly after 1 a.m. Sunday.

“We firmly denounce” the apparent killing of Yukawa, Abe said.

“Our country will not give in to terrorism, as we have not (in the past). We will cooperate with countries across the world and actively contribute to international society’s efforts to cope with terrorism,” he said.

A few minutes later, Abe faced reporters at the Prime Minister’s Office, saying that the government is now using every diplomatic channel available to seek cooperation from various parties in order to secure Goto’s release.

The government will also make the utmost efforts to protect Japanese people living at home and abroad, Abe said.

  • PaulK

    What kind of God requires people to behave like this?

    • ArJay

      You think they worship a god? NOT!

    • he is what he is!

      you mean like hanging people because of their color? No God there are just A Holes all over the world!

      • Adiba El-Amin

        I’m pretty sure the democrats hanged blacks mostly for other reasons. Maybe democrats are just evil?

      • he is what he is!

        i guess I got to this white con!


      • he is what he is!


    • DiamondBackPain

      Fairy tales are cute to a point. People will believe anything.

    • Not mine.

  • Katy Han

    Those ISIS guys are real jerks!

    Not surprising that ISIS is able to run amok in the Middle East while killing our allies. This is the vacuum left by the USA as they cut and run from the world stage… Yes this is the Barack Obama Foreign Policy!

    Obama has sat on his hands while ISIS slowly took over the Middle East… while Boko Harum continued to kidnap girls in Barack’s native land. Obama picked a stupid fight with Putin. Obama has ruined our country.

    Obama has crippled the US economy. Everybody I know is either out of work or under-employed. I haven’t had a raise in years (despite all my expenses increasing from year to year). My health insurance is now up to $400/month. Before the government touched it, it was $170/month! My auto insurance, which the government has yet to ruin, is thankfully only $25/month (from Insurance Panda). Please, Obama! Don’t try to socialize auto insurance!

    With everything Obama touched in shambles, Barry needs a new job. The guy needs to step down before he is impeached.

    • Coffy

      What news are you reading…The tea party express? You got all your facts wrong and it’s laughable, lol!

  • he is what he is!

    Go Bless them! Note to all people..DON’T GO OVER THERE!

    • DiamondBackPain

      Thanks for the advice, I am cancelling my vacation to Northern Syria as we speak.

      • he is what he is!

        Clearly! some just don’t LISTEN!

    • Eagle

      Now you might also want to tell them not to come here or anywhere else.
      You don’t go there, they come here. Terrorism does not know borders. Violence, fanaticism, poverty and diseases, lies and viciousness cannot be isolated.

      • he is what he is!

        very deep dude!, but where I live no one is losing their head!


  • Johan

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    • Let us all maintain our civility as we mete out real justice. And if the terrorists don’t comply, then I know a stockyard that is just waiting for those who deserve to follow moohammad into the slaughter house.

    • Tap Hue

      Radical salafists are still human. One of their arguments is: look at the publicity we’ve been doing for Toyota. Some may actually have kindness in them or even feel Japan’s pain. Why else did they not kill Kenji Goto?

  • Tap Hue

    The belated king of Saudi Arabia was “at war” with radical Salafis, but I am not. It is a debate within Islam their scholars have. Armed conflict will solve nothing. Jesus died on the Cross. He did not conquer. Canonized saints were often poor. But an argument America often puts forth is: “look at them they are not successful”. Or they demonize their opponents thereby harming mankind. Besides if a few countries got together in a “war against libertarians” or any such thing, America would have no arguments left.

  • jonny


  • grasspress

    i guess i really can’t understand what’s happening here. i don’t think i want to be part of a world where zealots claim it is their religious duty to kill others to send them to ‘hell’ while if they are killed they get to go to ‘heaven’? this leaves mankind in a terrible dilemma: gladly kill others to send them to ‘hell’ or happily be killed to go to ‘heaven’. this would work if they could simply kill each other off, but it seems there are way too many innocents trapped in the middle. is there a solution?

    • You are closer to the solution when you suggest that they just “simply kill each other off.” Would that we could just round them all up and put them on an uncivilized patch of sand known as “Haters Island” in the middle of the ocean. I bet they’d all be dead in a week.

      • otisdelevator

        Unfortunately the movie Battle Royale has already been made.

        Still, not a bad idea.

  • Plainer

    There’s a lesson here that we can learn from Japan. Japan is emasculated by her lack of global reach with her military and absence of involvement with NATO, US and other allies on a global scale, not just regional. It almost impossible for Japan to deal with ISIS or consider some sort of retribution for their barbaric behavior against the two hostages. For political reasons both domestically and internationally , it is difficult for Japan to breakout of her military bubble without stirring hard feelings from her Asian neighbors. Japan keeps tight control over Muslims living in Japan that number about 10,000. Some of them have gone underground overstaying their visas. They are never given permanent residency status. They are automatically deported for any violations of the laws. Japan , unlike us, classify all Muslims as fundamentalists and looked upon with suspicion.

    • Tap Hue

      You are right. Abe can’t even throw a tea cup at the “terrorists”. It’d be great if Arabs could sort out their problems on their own. That would bring more prosperity to ASEAN, SAARC member states.

    • GaijinBuddhist

      Maybe what you said about a certain religious group are not quite upto-date. that figure should be nearly 100,000 and nowerdays Japan is looking at tourists of all faiths, especially ones alien to them with open hands. Thats why prayer rooms are given space in many some
      public buildings but used exclusively by ONE religion . I don’t mind japan welcoming any person skilled and contributing to it’s economy regardless of religion. But I feel japanese are falling into the trap of inviting people as tourists or otherwise not keeping an eye to what extremist ideologies they are spreading. Thats the mistake that is paying europe and uk dearly.

    • Barry Rosenfeld

      Really?? What a complete fabrication this is. I’m an attorney in Japan and my Japanese wife is an attorney as well who happens to handle visas for foreigners. I should be be quite glad to know where you have acquired these figures from.

    • Kasady

      I hope Islam overtakes and destroys Japan. What a naive stupid country

      • Gordon Graham

        Says the guy who gets his news from the Japan Times

      • Kasady

        Japanese feel extermely comfortable, on a separate island, far away from all the threats, with little to no immigrants, dont they?

      • Persimonpix

        I pity you.

      • Gordon Graham

        A simple cursory glance at a map and you can see that people around the globe have drawn lines around themselves to say this is who WE are…

    • Tando

      You forget, that the country with the most global (over)reach, the US, created this problem in the first place.

    • Green Lab

      Nice try, even if they had a military base they couldn’t find the hostages. Did you forget American and British hostages were killed as well? This doesn’t have anything to with Japan’s military.

  • Jane Snowden

    Abe foolishly get Japan involved in the Middle East mess and he has to face the consequences now.

    • KingBack

      Are you actually trying to justify these actions by IS?

  • Chill Doctor

    The best thing would be to form an extremely overwhelming force of Nations and then go kill every last one of them. Take no prisoners or they will return to kill again.
    Politicians just are not good at winning wars….

  • arturo

    President Hussein keeps telling us that moslems aren’t really moslems.

    • Maybe they’re mooslims.

    • Miki

      He is your Taqiya President :D

  • KingBack

    What a wonderful place this earth could have been without religion aka. fairy tales.

    • Jane Snowden

      Religion or not, it’s just a pretext. Politicians and leaders will always be able to find righteous justifcation(spreading communism, spreading democracy, finding WMD, …etc)to star a war for selfish gain, ambition and power. One thing is certain, it’s the common people who will ultimately pay the price

  • Adiba El-Amin

    Maybe we should just try to understand the Islamic douche-bags better?

    • Sure. Down the barrel of a semi-automatic.

      • Look, I want a peaceful resolution to this, too…but history has taught us that sometimes…that is not to be. During World War II a group of Japanese airmen flew over Pearl Harbor and bombed and crashed into the military base. That was the wrong thing to do. Then the United States retaliated and sent some airmen of their own to Japan. The bay doors opened and there went Hiroshima and Nagasaki. ( I hope I spelled those names right) What the United States did was wrong, too. But sometimes, under certain circumstances…there just isn’t any other choice. It’s like that with these terrorists now. They’re insanely building their own fate.

  • Emperor Gaozu

    The japanese should start capturing ISIS fighters and do beheadings with Katanas and see how they like it.

    • Paul Johnny Lynn

      So you think it plausible the Japanese military, which has had NO battlefield experience since 1945, and NO experience of desert warfare, would be able to pop over to say Kobani, infiltrate I.S. lines, capture a few fighters, return unscathed, and then start lopping off heads. Which computer game do you live in?

      • sure !! they’ve forgot more then America ever knew

    • Robert Sowers

      and put it on YouTube like ISIS likes to make their videos public also.

  • timefox

    Is this Mr. Goto’s voice?
    Even if Mr. Goto is speaking, it wouldn’t be told by his free will.
    ISIS is just making Mr. Goto be talking about it.

    it’s wrong to criticize Prime Minister Abe for reason of “Abe killed Yukawa”.

    Japanese doesn’t have to be a subcontractor of ISIS.
    And Japanese doesn’t have to be handled by ISIS.

    Don’t ignore that ISIS killed Mr. Yukawa.

    A terrorist kidnaped Japanese.
    A terrorist restricted Japanese.
    A terrorist threatened Japanese.
    A terrorist killed Japanese.

    A terrorist should be criticized.

  • Eagle

    “Abe, you killed Haruna….”

    No, Abe didn’t kill Haruna. He never met that man and never pulled the trigger.

    I would not simplify this very serious game to such a kindergarten level. I would ask who were dressed in black, who killed him, who pulled the trigger and what is Abe role and place in this game exactly. Where is he standing, what does he want. What can he do at all, this powerless puppet PM.

    Only when everything is clear and we can see what is happening we can tell who killed Haruna. No investigation has happened yet, just threats, accusations and speculations.

  • TheSandGal

    Japan, the Japanese people, Japanese leaders, and the Japanese media, are naive about Islam. Until now they have had little to do with it. No good comes from Islam. When in small numbers they give little offense, but as numbers grow, so do the demands, and so does the vehemence, and eventual violence, of those demands.

    Obviously any individual person can be a decent person or a murderous thug regardless of religion, and all religions have their problems and their outdated “holy” books full of backwards nonsense. But there is something about this particular religion which leads to violence, intolerance, and failed societies wherever it spreads. It’s full of insecurity, and tries to make up for it with a claim of superiority, no matter how much the evidence of reality or history would indicate that this is false. In the end, no good comes of it. None.

    Japan should wise up, see what’s going in Europe, and parts of Asia, and keep their Islamic population as low as possible. Accept no immigrants, and do not appease with mosques, foot baths, and halal food. This religion has been a curse upon the world wherever it has gone. Keep it out of Japan.

    • Eagle

      Religion? Islam has been a political movement for log time and knows no mercy. They kill their very own most loyal men for nothing, like smoking in the street. As they already has done it.

      • TheSandGal

        You are correct. Islam is more than a religion. It’s an ideology. It should be judged as such.

  • Gordon Graham

    If you are going to take the risk of becoming a pawn suck it up and die like a man

  • Steve

    This group is not a state nor does it represent Islam. Stop calling them by that. They are a group of Jihadist militants based in Iraq and Syria. They are terrorists. They don’t deserve a name like the one in the headline.

    • Phil Harrell

      They’re muslims

  • Walter

    ISIS & Islam do not share your views, you think they give a dam about you when
    they killing there own. Forget about your Prime Minister Abe put back the power of your Emperor then gather up all your old Veterans that still hold true to honor and show that armpit of a country it’s not worth pissing off Japan. My condolences for the familes. (From Florida, USA)

  • he is what he is!

    Like hanging people for the color of their skin!…. White America has a long History of terrorism it self!!

  • Max Erimo

    The next step is that the Prime Minister will use this as the point to send inexperienced Japanese military personel abroad, who will in turn get kidnapped and keep this whole cycle continuing.

  • leader

    The Islamic freaks! Religion – the new name of terrorism

  • vonrock

    87 PUBLIC Beheadings in Saudi Arabia last year, isis is catching up’

  • Sad as this is it’s not news it’s business as usual from a demonic false religious culture