Islamic State to release statement ‘soon’ on Japanese hostage pair, NHK reports

Staff Report

The Islamic State group will release a statement “soon” on the two Japanese hostages it has captured and is threatening to execute unless a ransom is paid, a spokesman for the armed group told NHK Thursday night.

In an online report uploaded shortly before 6 a.m. Friday, NHK said it got in contact with the Islamic State official via Internet voice and text messages.

Tokyo is scrambling to save the lives of journalist Kenji Goto, 47, and private security contractor Haruna Yukawa, 42 as the ransom deadline looms. In a video posted by the armed group midday Tuesday, the two Japanese captives were seen kneeling down, while a masked man with a knife demanded a $200 million ransom within 72 hours for their release. The Japanese government has taken the video to mean the deadline is 2:50 p.m. Friday.

The Islamic State spokesman did not respond to a question from NHK about negotiations with the Japanese government, saying, “I won’t comment because it’s not a good question,” the broadcaster reported. The man added, though, that “a statement will be released soon,” according to NHK.

The man also told NHK, “Japanese are irreligious people who are in war with the Islamic State,” the report said.

  • Ostap Bender

    “Japanese are irreligious people.” That’s a good thing to say. Religion is a root of evil.

    • alain

      To execute people in the name of A god is deeply irreligious. On top these ISIS militant are less intelligent than the last earthworm I saw this morning while walking. Je suis Charlie.

      • Viktor Z

        Not that some French are that intelligent.
        The next jihadist attack has a good chance to happen in France again. Obama is right, the French better do something about those Banlieus and educate the Frenchies on colonial history..
        Marching the streets in support to local Jews..hilarious!
        France never needed the muslims to be antisemitic :)

  • feltip

    For a long time Japan has been seen quite unaffected from the Islamist terrorists activity. However, in the recent years one can notice that Islamic religious activities are increasing in Japan, by building many mosques and secretly organising regular religious meetings to shape their long term strategies, the evidence of which is often posted by its members as photographs in social media. The number of mosques and their other worship places are increasing, as it is certain that their only objective is to convert people into their their faith and increase their number, and probably declare Japan as an Islamist state in future. It is noticed that many of the innocent Japanese have fallen pray to their ideological boasting, partially due to the ignorance of what it means in the contemporary world. It is time for Japan to rethink whom all they are allowing in through their immigration gates and giving shelter under their armpits. A greater policy needs to be formed for the safety of Japan by thoroughly screen the kind of people it is permitting into its territory and carefully deciding what activities they should be permitted to do in the country.

    Probably the only reason behind Japan’s economic and technological success had been that it was never controlled by any fanatic religious belief that pulls back the country from scientific inventions. But if the current scenario of influx of the people of Islamic belief is continued, then the day may come where Japan’s domestic policies are influenced by fatwas and other religious orders of Mullahs.