Products with the "Je suis Charlie" logo, from T-shirts to kitchen aprons, are being sold widely online, presenting a moral quandary for e-commerce stores after last week's deadly attacks in Paris.

In the wake of the hostage crisis and massacre, "Je suis Charlie" ("I am Charlie") has become a rallying cry, chanted in solidarity with the victims and tweeted millions of times as a hashtag. But there have also been those apparently seeking to profit, offering stickers, mugs, hats — you name it — with the "Je suis Charlie" logo for sale.

Some have promised not to take advantage and donate their share of commissions, including to Charlie Hebdo, the Paris satirical newspaper attacked by Islamist gunmen on Wednesday.

Amazon's French site,, has pledged to do just that, with "Je suis Charlie" stickers among its top sellers in their category. Some such stickers are listed for as much as €14.99 ($18). EBay, where copies of issues of the weekly were drawing bids of more than €70,000 within hours after Wednesday's attack on the paper, has promised to do the same. A number of sites pulled products from their online stores after criticism from Internet users.