Okinawa elects anti-U.S. base governor, in rebuke to Abe


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Opponents of a new U.S. Marine Corps base in Okinawa delivered a fresh rebuke to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, as former Naha Mayor Takeshi Onaga won the prefecture’s gubernatorial contest Sunday night in an election closely followed by Tokyo and Washington.

Onaga cruised to victory against incumbent Gov. Hirokazu Nakaima on a platform opposing the construction of a replacement facility in Nago’s Henoko district for U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, at present located in the crowded central city of Ginowan.

Speaking to backers and reporters just minutes after polls closed at 8 p.m. and he was declared the victor, Onaga said a new chapter in Okinawa’s history had begun, especially in regards to the future of the Henoko base, which he vowed to stop, announcing he would reverse Nakaima’s decision to approve a contentious landfill permit for the relocation.

“I’ll work to cancel and revoke (Nakaima’s permission for the landfill permit). The new military base will not be built,” Onaga, 64, declared.

Backed by a broad coalition of Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito prefectural officials, business leaders, and traditional anti-base activists angered at Nakaima, 75, for agreeing last December to approve the Henoko landfill project, Onaga’s victory marks another twist in the nearly two-decade effort to close Futenma and move it elsewhere.

His triumph came despite heavy support for Nakaima by Abe, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga and many other central LDP figures, who visited Okinawa on the governor’s behalf. But efforts by Nakaima to convince voters to hand him a third term by insisting he had gotten Abe to promise to shut down Futenma within five years fell flat, as voters doubted the likelihood of such a move.

With Onaga now set to take up the governor’s seat, discontent within the LDP over Abe’s leadership is likely to grow, even if, as expected, a snap election is held next month and the ruling party wins comfortably. The LDP is already looking ahead to next April’s nationwide local elections, and the defeat in Okinawa raises concerns about how its candidates in the various prefectural and municipal races will fare.

Onaga’s victory was not unexpected, as recent media polls in Okinawa had shown him leading Nakaima, who was reportedly in ill health.

The race was widely seen as a final referendum on the Futenma base relocation, but with Abe out of the country over the past week and the looming probability of a snap Lower House poll, the campaign received slightly less attention from Tokyo than in the 2006 and 2010 gubernatorial elections, both of which Nakaima won.

As governor, Onaga will immediately re-examine the landfill application Nakaima approved last year for Henoko and determine if the environmental assessment that accompanied it was conducted properly.

Both pro- and anti-base voters in Okinawa expect an Onaga victory will mean more administrative delays on the part of the prefectural government to complete the Futenma replacement facility, which was originally proposed in the late 1990s but has been stalled due to fierce local opposition.

Onaga also promised to deliver a strong message to Tokyo and Washington that the Henoko plan was unacceptable and that those who thought Okinawa could be bribed by being offered central government funds for development projects were wrong.

His campaign office said he would visit Washington next year and convey this message to members of the U.S. Congress and their staff who also doubt the viability of the base relocation plan.

“We’ll break through the wall that the Japanese and American government have put up” with regards to listening to Okinawan voices, Onaga said earlier Sunday, before the result was known. “The Futenma base is the largest obstacle to developing the prefecture’s economy, and it’s critical to debunk the mistaken message that central government assistance for Okinawa is linked to a new base.”

  • tokyoprogressive

    Thank God. The U.S. (and its puppets in Tokyo) have forced Okinawa and others in Japan to host bases which are used for permanent war. Three million Vietnamese were murdered, and Japan played a leading part by hosting U.S. forces and storing Agent Orange, which the Pentagon continues to deny. Japan’s new secrets law, passed at the behest of the U.S., threatens to intimidate journalists and activists, many of whom are involved in democratic struggles to oppose militarism and the nuclear mafia. There are fears that riot police will be called out to oppress Okinawans who stand up to the U.S. and the Japanese national government.

    • rossdorn

      The bad news is, that it does not really matter what the people of Okinawa, or, for that matter, the all the japanese want.

      THis is a protectorat of the USA.

      What THEY want happens…

  • Dario (Italy)

    Ganbare Onaga-san!!!

  • Michael K

    I have a feeling that all this will do is delay any progress to get anything done in Okinawa. Its a shame that these Okinawans have their KIDS at protests..KIDS? Whow brain washes kids at a young age to hate and rally againt Americans and their elders? No country is 100% crime free…NONE. Crime happens. I just saw 2 Japanese guys fighting each other abd breaking liquor store glass bottles the other night…not Americans but JAPANESE! Okinawans need to grow up and move on.

    • rossdorn

      Nice…. now have another one of snickers and go back to your kindergarden… (and take the whole US army with you…)

      • Michael K

        Nah, I’ll leave em for you so you can add more weight to you already (im sure) 400lb frame. :)

    • Gordon Graham

      Considering military aircraft fly over elementary schools I think kids have a stake in what’s being decided on their behalf.

      • Michael K

        I gotta admit…good point. BUT Having them at protests where the language is pretty bad and fueld with hatred? Is that really what we want them to grow up doing and saying to people?

      • Gordon Graham

        Soon they’ll be on the Internet reading much worse…

  • Hella Jiggy

    What happens to Japan if the U.S….. leaves? Can they protect themselves from their enemies? Nah.

    • tokyoprogressive

      Enemies? The term enemy is a construction that allows justify its “defense” outlays. Arguments have been made that North Korea is as belligerent as it is because its existence has been threatened for so long. Not a defence of the regime but acknowledging that the U.S. has used the threat of nuclear annihilation in order to ratchet up the tensions, without which the U.S. could not appear justified. Such a policy is hardly secret–just not widely covered by the compliant media. The U.S policy of permanent war has its roots in arming the likes of Bin Ladin and even Israel aiding Hamas in order to drive a wedge between the PLO and more radical factions. And NATO and the U.S. post-Soviet implosion actually moved to station troops closer to the former Soviet territory in order to threaten Russia and justify th e need for a pro-active Nato. All to keep the weapons manufacturers in business.

      Japan is actual a target because it stations troops, and by at least some reports, made available by devices like the FOIA and lawsuits, U.S. nuclear weapons on its soil. In any case, I have not seen a good case ever having been made to demonstrate that making virtual colonies of sovereign nations has much to do with anyone’s defense.

      • Hella Jiggy


      • Raansu

        Its scary that ignorance such as yours exists….

    • Gordon Graham

      What? American wouldn’t help out if Japan were to be attacked? Are you suggesting America reserves its military assistance for oil rich countries? Canada doesn’t have an American military base nor do they have much of an armed forces. Do you think America would turn away if Canada were ever attacked by China or North Korea? Nah.

  • Kochigachi

    FREE OKINAWA ! and Kick Americans out!

  • Facebook User

    As an American I applaud you for standing up to the biggest group of rapist in the world! The US marines are the worst America has to offer and think they are above the law. They should be tried for decades of crimes against humanity!

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  • Michael K

    Thanks…I’ll look at that more…good detail…always good to read about history.