Google to comply with Japan court order to remove search results


Google Inc. has decided to comply with a Japanese court order to remove some online search results found to infringe on a man’s privacy rights, company officials said on Wednesday.

The U.S. Internet giant has already deleted most of the online search results subject to the Tokyo District Court’s order, according to a lawyer for the man who filed a lawsuit against the company.

The man has demanded 237 search results be removed, saying when his name is entered in the search engine, many articles appear hinting that he may have been involved in a crime in the past.

On Oct. 9, the district court ordered the removal of 122 search results.

The plaintiff plans to withdraw a petition to fine Google if the removal of all the online information subject to the court order is confirmed, said the lawyer, Tomohiro Kanda.

The plaintiff welcomed Google’s decision but he doesn’t plan to stop seeking the removal of the other 115 search results which are excluded from the court order, the lawyer added.

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