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IIJ releases prepaid SIM card for visitors

SIM card for visitors

Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ) has released “Japan Travel SIM powered by IIJmio,” a 2 GB prepaid SIM card package for visitors to Japan, allowing them to make inexpensive domestic and international calls using the Brastel IP phone service.

Available in English, Japanese and simplified Chinese, the package offers high-speed data transmission of up to 150 Mbps for downloads and up to 50 Mbps for uploads.

To start using the service, insert the SIM card into an unlocked SIM device and configure a mobile network such as an APN setting. The card uses the NTT Docomo LTE/3G network within Japan.

Customers may also use credit from a prepaid Brastel Card to add data volume to their SIM card.

The IIJmio Prepaid Pack costs ¥3,791 (excluding tax) and is available in retail stores, including Aeon, Bic Camera, Nippon Telephone and Yodobashi Camera, as well as TIC Tokyo and a number of hostels in Japan.

Lather: the best medicine

Soaptopia is launching two new scents for Christmas near the end of November this year.

The U.S.-based company sells natural body products that are chemical and allergen free.

“Candy Cane” combines the scent of peppermint with pine, while “Good Bath Bubbly,” which is inspired by champagne bubbles, releases the fragrance of jasmine and bitter almond.

Both soaps will be available in stores for a limited time only.

In addition, the Isetan Mitsukoshi store in Shinjuku, Tokyo, will sell a limited number of “Coal” during the holiday season. This is an anti-bacterial soap containing the relaxing scent of tea tree. Only 24 units will be on sale starting Oct. 29.

The company has also prepared a gift box for its Shinjuku Beauty Apothecary campaign containing “Soap Cali,” a blend of lemon grass and cedar wood fragrances.

The limited edition gift box is priced at ¥5,200.

Keeping track of time

Osaka-based Viento Fotografia has developed a “Smart Calendar,” a new line of products that integrates digital clocks into traditional paper wall calendars.

Targeted at older people, patients suffering from dementia and those who often have difficulty remembering the date, the built-in digital clock displays the date, day, time, temperature, humidity and important dates.

The digital panel fits in the top center of an A2-sized calendar. The clock uses large fonts and automatically synchronizes the time and date, eliminating the need for manual configuration.

It is possible to use the calendar in subsequent years simply by changing the wall calendar.

The company also offers two types of frames, made of polystyrene or wood, to go with the Smart Calendar. The wall calendar can easily be attached to the frame.

The Smart Calendar can be purchased online at Aterlier Viento.

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