National bureaucrats to get first pay raise in seven years


The National Personnel Authority on Thursday recommended giving civil servants an average raise of 0.27 percent and increasing their bonus by 0.15 of their monthly salary.

Neither has risen in seven years.

The pay hike, being made to keep pace with a slight climb in private-sector wages, would push bureaucrats’ annual pay up 1.2 percent to ¥6.62 million, on average.

The raise will likely go through as recommended, since the Abe administration confirmed in July that its policy is to respect the NPA’s recommendations.

Monthly salaries will rise mainly for younger people, including an ¥2,000 hike in the starting salary, while those for 55 or older, who are believed to earn more than private-sector employees, won’t see any change.

But annual bonuses will grow in size to 4.1 months’ salary from 3.95 months.

In the meantime, the salaries of personnel employed in the local bureaus of national agencies will start dropping in fiscal 2015 because they are relatively high compared with the private sector. Their basic salaries will be cut 2 percent over three years, while allowances, depending on region, will be adjusted so that salaries in local bureaus in urban areas won’t fall below private-sector levels.

The salaries of personnel in local bureaus were trimmed from fiscal 2006 to 2010.

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