Man guns down wife in Tokyo cafe

Kyodo, Staff Report

A man fatally shot his wife Sunday night in a cafe in the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo, apparently in a fit of anger during a quarrel.

The suspect, whom police believe is a 54-year-old Chinese resident of Itabashi Ward, was collared on the street in front of the cafe by the eatery’s employees, who later handed him over to police, according to news reports.

Initially arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, he was later booked for murder. Police believe the victim was his wife, a Chinese woman in her 50s. They have yet to determine exactly who she was.

The pair reportedly started to quarrel after entering the cafe together. At around 10:40 p.m., the man produced a handgun from his bag, stood up and shot the woman twice, in the jaw and the chest. She was rushed to a hospital but was pronounced dead.

There were more than 10 customers in the cafe at the time, but no on else was injured.

The eatery is about 300 meters northwest of JR Ikebukuro Station.

The suspect remained silent during police questioning, according to investigators.

Security camera footage from the cafe showed the man and the woman quarreling before the suspect began shooting.

  • Non white immigrant

    I often go to Biccamera (West and East Side Exit) in Ikebukuro and I swear the place is fully Chinese, I feel like I am in Shanghai, you hear a lot of people speaking Chinese, they literally own the place. Now you are telling me they even have guns…

    And some here on Japan Times are promoting immigration, stating that is is good for Japan? Give me break!

    • ryukoyamada

      One foreigner kills another one and this means all immigrants are a threat? So we japanese never hurt each other at all, am I right? And what is wrong with foreign residents speaking foreign languages, as long as they can use Japanese language too? I feel you’re overreacting to this.

    • Netgrump

      It’s known that newcomers complain about other immigrants..anywhere

      Laying on the massage table I hear my Chinese masseuse making remarks about Muslim immigrants or even make jokes about them [which they hear from native clients]..hilarious !

    • kension86

      It’s all about the immigration process. There’s always valuable foreign talents and businessmen, especially when Japan has low birth rate atm. As long as the immigration process’ strict enough to maintain quality, such as an in-depth interview with each candidate, then immigration IS viable.

  • Paul Johnny Lynn

    Exactly ryukoyamada. Some people show an amazing ability to inflate one person’s actions to all other people of that ethicity. By the way Non white immigrant, are you unaware of the irony of your post???