JR East unveiled on Monday a new "resort train" that will allow passengers on the Yamagata Shinkansen Line to soothe their feet.

The carriage, which was shown to the media in the city of Yamagata, will make its debut July 19, allowing tourists to enjoy the landscape along the train line while soaking their feet in an "ashiyu," or warm-water foot bath.

The service will be offered in one car of the six-car train on the route connecting Fukushima Station in Fukushima Prefecture with Shinjo Station in Yamagata Prefecture. The train can hold 143 passengers.

The special car will contain two red foot baths that are supposed to resemble fields of red safflowers — the symbol of Yamagata Prefecture. Another car will be fitted with tatami to relax on after the soak, as well as a bar that will serve locally brewed sake.

The train's exterior was designed by Kiyoyuki Okuyama of Yamagata based on the concept of landscape enjoyment. The exterior artwork on the front and rear features Mount Gassan, one of the prefecture's three Sacred Mountains of Dewa.