Cervarix vaccine issues trigger health notice


The health ministry has issued a nationwide notice that cervical cancer vaccinations should no longer be recommended for girls aged 12 to 16 because several adverse reactions to the medicines have been reported.

“It is necessary to gather information immediately to accurately grasp how often (the side effects) are occurring,” said Mariko Momoi, who chairs the panel at the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry that decided to suspend the recommendation. Momoi is vice president of the International University of Health and Welfare.

Cervical cancer vaccines are a recent addition to the regular vaccination list and were added after a revision to the Preventive Vaccination Law took effect in April. In Japan, cervical cancer is second only to breast cancer among those aged 20 to 39 and is estimated to strike nearly 9,000 women each year.

Despite the notice, issued Friday, most local governments will likely keep the vaccinations in question on their lists of free vaccines. But a ministry official said the vaccination rate is certain to drop sharply.

The two vaccines sold in Japan are Cervarix, made by GlaxoSmithKlein PLC of Britain, and Gardasil, made by Merck Sharp & Dohme, known as Merck & Co. in the United States.

Mika Matsufuji, 46, who represents an association of cervical cancer vaccination victims’ parents, said the health panel’s decision was a “big step forward.” Her daughter, who was vaccinated with Cervarix in 2011, lost the ability to walk and is now in a wheelchair, she said.

The group is calling for the vaccinations to be halted.

The panel said there was a strong possibility that severe prolonged pain was caused by some of the vaccinations. It concluded that active recommendation of cervical cancer vaccinations should thus be halted until a more complete picture of their side effects can be attained.

The ministry said this is the second time it has suspended a recommendation related to the regular vaccine program since problems cropped up with the Japanese encephalitis vaccine in 2005.

In 2011, however, Pfizer Inc.’s Prevnar and Sanofi SA’s ActHIB vaccines were suspended for about a month following the deaths of four children.

The panel focused on 38 cervical vaccine recipients who reported widespread pain. Given the timing of their symptoms, the panel concluded that a causal link to the vaccines could not be ruled out in many of the cases.

There were 245.1 reports of side effects per million vaccinations for Cervarix, and 155.7 reports per million for Gardasil — more than two other, separate vaccines that affect both sexes and were added to the regular list at around the same time.

Reports of side effects from the other two medicines came to 89.1 per million for a set of pneumococcus vaccines and 67.4 per million for Japanese encephalitis vaccines.

  • Christine Heeren

    Praise for these parents. This vaccine is dangerous & many have died from it around the world.

  • silvermaran

    The treatment is the same for all the syndromes. Kill the multiple gene sharing stealth infections and then your own stem cells raised up like soldiers to cure the immune suppression using junk DNA in vaccines have destroyed.

  • When we put poisons into our bodies, then it is hardly any wonder when we cause serious damage to brain and nervous system and also polio paralysis type symptoms. This is what vaccines do, they poison the body. No vaccine can immunize us from any disease. Vaccines merely play around or suppress or interfere with disease symptoms, and this is not healthy, and so when we take a vaccine, we are making ourselves sick. This is what Mika Matsufuji has discovered to her horror. Her daughter has lost the ability to walk. This is the grave risks of vaccines. You go to the doctor and he/she makes you sick. When will these Japanese people ever learn to say no to all vaccines. Your country will be much healthier if you banned all vaccines.

    • Cydney Craft

      Not all vaccines have as many issues as the HPV one has. An early rotavirus vaccine was pulled from the market because of /rare/ cases of intussusception, which also happens (more frequently) as a result of an actual rotavirus infection. Now safer rotavirus vaccines are on the market.

      “Vaccines merely play around or suppress or interfere with disease symptoms.”
      Um, no. Vaccines are not the same as drugs and have no effect on suppression or interference with disease symptoms. Tylenol, Tussin, and other OTC pain-relievers/symptom relievers do that. Vaccines are merely a controlled way of introducing the immune system to an innocuous antigen so as to build immune memory so that the next time the immune system “sees” that antigen, they can fight it off more quickly and effectively.

      Please, get your facts straight and stop scare-mongering people away from vaccines, which have saved thousands upon thousands of countless lives and have improved the lives of many more.

    • 乃亜 印場

      Seriously? I can’t believe comments like the parent make it through. Vaccines are not poisons, and although some of them have occasional complications, on balance they save millions of lives. And yes, vaccines can and do immunize you from disease.

  • Angus Files

    To late for some now ..but no doubt these parents will now be cast as ANTI-VACCINATION…by the informed Goverments and Pharma snakes..

  • Starviking

    With the amount of people vaccinated, serious effects are expected to appear after vaccination, just by chance. I think it says a lot about the weakness of the Japanese regulators that they give in to a case that seems to revolve around one mother and her daughter, than to stand up for scientific standards of evidence in making their decisions.

    In the UK, the regulators found 1906 serious reports, out of 6 million vaccinations BUT, the vast majority of these were due to the injection procedure, not the vaccine.

    I guess, thanks to the inability of the regulating panel in Japan, a lot more women will be dying from preventable cancer over the years.

    • tonibark

      they didn’t bow for one girl, there have been numerous cases in Japan and not due to injection procedure. In fact, couldn’t find the data to support your claim in the UK. Considering the antibodies only last 3-5 years, the jab is absolutely not worth the risk and the Japanese concluded the same.

      • Starviking

        UK Data, from the UK’s medical regulator, can be found at:


        Also this is available on HPV Vaccinations:


        And this:


        Also, your statement on the antibodies lasing only 3 to 5 years is incorrect. Research has found high levels of antibodies 7.3 years after vaccination.
        I serously doubt the Japanese authorities produced any risk analysis, and likely the only risk they feared was losing face.

      • Starviking, be very careful not to assume that certain antibodies translate into immunity or protection. Most if not all of these testing kits are deeply flawed or they are translated
        badly. Just look at the hiv testing kits, which do not test for hiv, but for non-specific antibodies. A positive test result to non-specific antibodies is then translated by a lab technician as being ‘hiv positive’ but these tests do not test for hiv. This error in science
        has been one of the most monumental blunders of the 20th Century.
        When we poison ourselves, especially one that is injected into the flesh, we
        introduce foreign matter into the body that should not be there. This can cause
        very serious problems and even death. This then pushes natural disease processes
        backwards which is disease symptoms suppression. For example, a measles rash,
        through suppressive drug treatment, may well disappear, but this may well mean
        that the rash has been forced back into the body, and the same can be said for
        high temperatures. There are life-threatening problems that we must consider
        when we turn to mass vaccination programs.
        I suggest that we cease to vaccinate completely and this act alone will
        prevent vaccine damage taking place on a mass scale.

        1 in 6 kids in US has some form of neuro-developmental disability. This number is taken from The Greater Good film. Autism is now 1 in 50, some say 1 in 25 US. How
        long will it be before one in two kids are damaged. We are not far away. I’m not saying vaccines are responsible for all neuro-developmental disabilities, but the US vaccine policy is going to destroy that country and bring it to its knees. That is sheer madness, and sadly, you support that policy. Congratulations!

      • Starviking

        Sorry John, most health professionals disagree with you.

        We should be more careful that pseudoscience does not poison our minds.

      • Starviking, you can make up all the names that you want but you are similar to others who follow the instructions and side
        with consensus and then defend it to the death with your eyes closed. I hear
        Barbara Loe Fisher saying this… ‘So they are saying that some people ethically
        can be sacrificed for the greater good, but what they never bother to find out,
        even if you accept that as a moral rationale, is how many are being sacrificed,
        500, 5000, 500,000, how many are being sacrificed!’ The Greater Good film. You
        go tell a vaccine-damaged autistic child to stay away from pseudoscience
        because it will poison your mind. I hardly think that he/she will be too
        impressed. But like I say, your medical professional does not know the
        mechanisms of disease but then they conjure up a poison to ‘get rid’ of the symptoms
        and call that immunity. That sounds a bit like pseudoscience to me and
        that is your downfall. Just look at
        polio circa 1950, they conjured up a vaccine and it wasn’t even a so-called
        infectious disease. That is great science, congratulations! Someone has the nerve to point this out to you and all of a sudden they practice pseudoscience.

      • Starviking

        Polio wasn’t a disease? Sounds pseudoscientific to me. It’d be news to the millions paralysed by the virus.

        The medical profession ‘conjuring up’ poison – again, sound like pseudoscience.

    • Starviking, this is assuming that a vaccine is able to prevent a cancer, when cancer is basically a nutritional deficiency disease/toxicity. You make a grand assumption that a vaccine can prevent cancer. I do not feel that this is possible. You say 1906 serious reports, but this number will be a small percentage of victims. I would guess that 90% of vaccine damage will not be reported or will be given a different name to distant the effects of harm caused by the vaccine. I know a woman who had a baby and that baby she loved so much but after her shots, the baby died. They called it SIDS and would not consider that this death was vaccine-related regardless that it was a classic case and highly likely. This denial is very common and it happens all the time on a daily basis, but if vaccine injury was reported properly then I’m sure that mass vaccine programs would have to end because the results would be so deeply shocking.

      • Starviking

        John, you are free to hold your pseudoscientific beliefs, but I am not making a grand assumption about viruses causing some cancers. There are scientifically proven links between cervical cancer, liver cancer, and many other cancers to viruses. The people who discovered these links were not shills, but medical professionals trying to improve the quality of people’s lives. They are supported by experts in public health – who seek to find the best ways to improve the health of society.

        On the subject of SIDS, the consensus formed by public health professionals is that smoking around infants, poor sleeping positions, and genetics are all a factor. Vaccines are probably not a factor.

      • Starviking, you are very naive. You carry on defending your germs and you will never ever understand the mechanisms of disease. Your so-called medical professionals did this in the war on aids and the end result was genocide with 150,000 people being sent to the local graveyard. Congratulations, my friend, go to the top of the class. At least you say that I am free to hold onto my beliefs, something that some of your so-called experts in public health think should be removed by the use of force and control to support a mass drug that doesn’t even work and causes so much human damage. Your
        average medical professional creates his own patients by damaging the
        developing baby in the womb and then drugging it to death when it is born. I’m
        sure that your medical professionals know what they are doing.

      • Starviking

        You are saying medical professionals deliberately create illnesses by damaging babies in the womb, and killing them later? Seems not only contradictory, but crazy.

  • Seebra

    Have not heard mention that NO vaccine is 100% effective. In fact, several doctors have told us that at most, the round of baby and toddler vaccines, especially whooping cough, are at most 55% effective. It is the poison that is placed into the vaccine that causes many of the adverse reactions – chicken embryos, formaldehyde, aborted fetus cells, phenoxyethanol, aluminum phosphate, aluminum hydroxide, bovine cow serum, sorbitol, gelatin, msg and mercury. I don’t advocate against or for vaccines, but I do highly suggest that people do their OWN research instead of just sheeping to their doctor’s will. Remember – doctors get BIG BONUSES if their practice conforms to a certain vaccination rate.

    • 乃亜 印場

      Wow, more misinformation. Why don’t you check the center for disease control and see what they have to say about the effectiveness of pertussis vaccines, and the effects of people NOT vaccinating their children. In fact studies showed that modern whooping cough vaccines are 88.7% effective for five years.
      There is a very good reason why doctors are encouraged to perform vaccinations, to stop deadly epidemics.

      • Your choice

        Then why is it in Australia we have herd immunity levels of vaccination against whooping cough yet we are bombarded with media reports about the latest whooping cough epidemic? Can’t have it both ways.

      • Starviking

        After a minute’s Googling I have found that the emergence of a new strain of the Pertussis virus, caused by vaccine fears leading to the promotion of a weaker version of the vaccine, have led to the current epidemic.

    • Sam Gilman

      ” I don’t advocate against or for vaccines”

      No, of course not. You just happen to get your “information” from anti-vaccine movement websites.

  • Muyngim Eng

    Deeply sorry for the victims. Hopefully things will improve in the future. We cannot blame anyone in this case since every of us always expects for the best and offends the small stuff which can sweat us later. Anyway, no one is perfect. As long as we try our best to save the world, the world should kindly understands and gives the value to what we have done. Being a researcher is not that easy as thought, but the thing is he or she is conscientious and always positive for the better world. You have to be aware that there are certain inevitable and invisible things we can not avoid. It is the same with the pharmaceutical products including vaccines whose unpredictable side effects could happen in some individuals due to the variety complicated functions in their body. As the study is limited, we try to minimize the problems as much as we can. So far the pharmacovigilant, clinical pharmacy … were created. WE ALONE can not create or solve the problems. Finally, I DO HOPE we stop insulting one another when we face with the problems, but take this time to think how we can improve the situation and solve the problem. COME ON, guys! Let’s work out together. We are all the offspring of the beautiful world. WE DREAM TO LIVE IN THE PEACEFUL WORLD. Have we ever made ourselves the one we dream to be? Have we ever made the world the place we dream to live?

  • vasu

    so this so called life saving medicine for women turning out detrimental to their health as its side affect causing .But is there any other alternative to this questionable medicine or some pharmaceuticals’ rivalry creating panic.A thorough and impartial ferreting out its causes and affects would be highly and timely relief to the confused women.