Railway hopes 'love station' lures romantically inclined


In an attempt to lure romantically inclined visitors, the operator of a remote railway station in Tottori Prefecture held an event Sunday marking the train stop’s love-themed renovation.

The walls and roof of Koiyamagata Station — one of the nation’s four stations whose names contain the word “koi,” which means love in Japanese — as well as carp, a bench, fence and trash container, have been painted bright pink and feature an abundance of hearts, while the station nameplate is crafted into a similar shape.

The renovation idea emerged as part of a project that kicked off last year to promote the four “love stations,” an official of railway Chizu Express said.

“We hope young and old people visit the station as a place to find and nurture love,” company President Shunsaku Okamura said at the event.

On average, a mere two passengers per day use the station.

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