And the top toy for girls: chameleon Licca-chan

by Magdalena Osumi

Staff Writer

Takara Tomy’s Triple Color Change Licca-chan doll, whose hair color changes with the temperature, won the girls’ toy category of the Japan Toy Prize on Tuesday, preceding the 52nd Annual International Toy Show that kicks off Thursday.

“Licca-chan has always had an important place in every girls’ life as they were growing up,” Kanae Ina, Takara Tomy’s marketing officer, told reporters in Tokyo.

“It has been 46 years since Licca-chan debuted on the market,” Ina said. “But what is new about (the latest Licca-chan) is the new material developed for us by Asahi Kasei that allows hair to change into three colors by touch, under the temperature of one’s palm.”

The doll’s hair color changes when touched by warm hands, a cold brush or even a hot dryer.

The toy prize comes in seven categories, including boys’ toy, educational toy and “high-target” toy designed for adults.

Under the high-target category, Tenyo Co.’s Metallic Nano Puzzles won the top prize for their precision metal sheets, with which people can create miniature models of castles, trains, ships and other figures.

“We hope these toys bring a welcome change for people busy in their daily lives,” said Tomoyuki Taniguchi of Tenyo.

A total of 148 toy manufactures, including 18 overseas makers, will participate in the toy show, which starts Thursday at Tokyo Big Sight in Koto Ward. It will be open to the public Saturday and Sunday.

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