LDP’s first test will be Tokyo metro assembly poll: Abe


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Sunday that the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election in June will be a litmus test for the government he formed in December.

“It’s a battle in the capital and is almost as crucial as a national election,” Abe told reporters in Sendai. “We’re asking voters whether our economic and other policies are right or wrong.”

“I would like to emphasize that political stability is important” in the runup to the Tokyo assembly poll on June 23, he said.

Abe’s conservative Liberal Democratic Party is gearing up for the House of Councilors election in July. But when asked whether he had a plan to dissolve the more powerful House of Representatives soon to prompt a double election, Abe demurred.

“(I will) judge when to dissolve the Lower House at the right time in an appropriate manner,” he said.

  • Max Erimo

    I find it impossible to believe that Mr Abe could be considering dissolving the House of Representatives for an election, when he has just been elected. I find it even more amazing that reporters would ask such a qestion.

    There are many more impornt things that the reporters should be questioning. For example

    1). What does he intend to d to fix he broken outdated edcation system.

    Morals classes and nationalistic educaion are not the answer.
    Teaching children to think and question are the cores of educaton. Both of which are lacking in Japan.
    Less emphasis on hair colour, name tags, and more on educating.
    Grading classes in every school. Teaching students to their level.

    Creating a system where children repeat a year if they don’t now the basics.’ryunenseido’