Households to pay utilities up to ¥132 monthly surcharge from May


A typical household will have to pay ¥108 to ¥132 per month in surcharges to electric power firms in the year from May under the feed-in tariff scheme, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said Friday.

The system, introduced last year, requires utilities and other major power companies to pay for electricity generated from renewable energy sources at fixed prices. The surcharges will average ¥120 a month, up from ¥87 in the previous year, the ministry’s Agency for Natural Resources and Energy said.

By service area, the monthly surcharge will come to ¥132 for household customers of Kyushu Electric Power Co., ¥129 for Shikoku Electric, ¥126 for Chubu Electric and Okinawa Electric and ¥123 for Chugoku Electric.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. and Kansai Electric Power Co. customers will have to pay ¥120, Tohoku Electric Power Co. clients ¥117 and those of Hokkaido Electric Co. ¥111.

Earlier this month, a METI panel proposed lowering the price power companies pay for electricity generated via solar power by around ¥4 per kilowatt hour in fiscal 2013, from April 1.

The purchase price for electricity from generators with an output of 10 kw or more would be set at ¥37.8.