Fukuoka’s PM2.5 levels off chart as China’s toxic smog smothers city


Toxic smog that is spreading to Japan from China almost certainly exceeded the central government’s maximum limit in Fukuoka on Saturday, local officials said.

The Fukuoka Municipal Government reported Saturday morning that the average amount of PM2.5 particulates — an air pollutant found in the toxic haze that enveloped 25 percent of China last month — is estimated to have reached 50.5 micrograms per cubic meter in the city Saturday. The Environment Ministry’s maximum permissible level is 35 micrograms a day.

The actual PM2.5 reading in Fukuoka was to be confirmed later Saturday. However, it was expected to show that the pollutant in the city had exceeded the government limit for the first time since Fukuoka started releasing estimates Feb. 15.

The local government urged the public to wear masks outdoors and to refrain from hanging out laundry to dry.

PM2.5, hazardous particulate matter measuring less than 2.5 microns in diameter — equivalent to 2.5 thousandths of a millimeter — can be absorbed by the lungs and cause heart and lung diseases.

  • zengoku

    Thought Westernization and Industrialization has it’s benefits, things such as this pollution is also the result of such so called progress.

    In the Western World during the Industrial Revolution many countries suffered from things as pollution from coal, child labor, and loss of means of living, it wasn’t until the people developed such things as unions and government policies on environmental protection in the West did the the West reach the standards they have today. Developing countries and other nations should keep this in mind.

    With China’s more towards industrialization the need to develop clean environmental policies which preserve the natural resources of wealth of the land is of utmost importance.

    In North America is only 20% of the population of the World, yet it consumes 80% of the world resources. It is unsustainable. There are already notable drains of the livestock of fish, oil, and other natural resources. At this rate we won’t have much of a planet left to live off of.

    The sooner countries like China can implement this the sooner they can preserve some of the wealth of their land. Pollution is a heavy cost as the land and natural habitat can be destroyed and not useable for generations. Never forget that it is the land which gives us food and life.

    • Avery

      What a surprisingly intelligent post on an Internet comments section.