• Kyodo


A student was disqualified from her university entrance exam over the weekend after taking a booklet of questions from the venue and handing it to a tutoring school employee waiting outside.

The incident was just one of a host of problems reported as the two-day unified exam ritual ended Sunday, but the first of its kind since the tests began in 1990.

The National Center for University Entrance Examinations, an affiliate of the education ministry that supervises the tests, said a 19-year-old female applicant handed a booklet containing civics, geography and history questions to the tutoring employee during the test held at Kwassui Women’s University in Nagasaki Prefecture on Saturday.

Test takers are banned from taking the booklets out of the room until the exam ends.

The center and the university reported the incident to police, who recovered the booklet Saturday night. The police said they do not intend to pursue the incident because the tutoring school was merely trying to compile model answers for its students.

The applicants were tested on civics, geography, history, Japanese and foreign languages on the first day, and science and math on the second.

A total of 79 applicants at 72 venues reported problems with audio players in the listening comprehension portion of the English exam and were allowed to retake it.