Top Court turns down suit for injunction against Dec. 16 Diet election


The Supreme Court on Friday rejected a suit demanding an injunction to halt the Dec. 16 Lower House election, leaving in place a wide disparity in the weight of votes between constituencies that it declared was “in a state of unconstitutionality” for the last poll, in 2009.

A group of lawyers filed the suit ahead of the House of Representatives election, which will now go ahead without the rectification of the disparity that, at least for the 2009 poll, the top court effectively declared illegal.

Just before the Lower House was dissolved Nov. 16, a bill was passed to partially rectify the disparity. But the measure will not take effect for the coming election because the government didn’t have time to redistrict constituencies in line with the rectification.

In the judicial branch’s final decision, the Supreme Court endorsed the lower court rulings that rejected the suit and the lawyers’ separate petition for a preliminary injunction to halt the Dec. 16 election, on grounds that there is no law for such a suit.

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