DPJ wants Noda, LDP chief Abe to debate key issues ahead of Diet election


The ruling Democratic Party of Japan plans to call for a debate between Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and Shinzo Abe, head of the Liberal Democratic Party, on national security, monetary policy and other key issues ahead of the Dec. 16 general election, DPJ Secretary General Jun Azumi said Friday.

“The political parties that could become key players in running the government are limited, so it is important that the leaders of the two parties hold face-to-face debate,” Azumi told reporters in Oita Prefecture.

He said he will propose the debate to the LDP early next week.

Azumi noted that Abe is calling for drastic monetary easing by the Bank of Japan and for revising the BOJ law, as well as for solidifying the status of the Self-Defense Forces as a standing military by revising the Constitution.

“Monetary policy and national security are becoming key issues (for the election). It is desirable that the leaders have a face-to-face debate so the public can understand the differences of the two parties,” Azumi said.