Sword-wielder lops off realtor’s arm, wounds two others before capture


A 63-year-old Tokyo man was arrested Friday after chopping off the left arm of an Utsunomiya real estate agency head with a samurai sword and seriously wounding two others.

Hifumi Kuwada was arrested in the alleged attempted murder of Katsumi Jitsukata, 65, president of Daikyo Home, and two employees, wielding a sword with a 70-cm blade. Kuwada has confessed, police said.

The two employees, Hiroshi Jitsukata, 51, the Daikyo Home president’s son-in-law, and Kiyoshi Sato, 42, sustained severe stomach wounds and were taken to a hospital, they said. The sword was found at the real estate office.

Kuwada, from the Tokyo suburb of Fuchu, told police he runs a construction business. Police suspect the attack was business-related and plan to investigate further.

Kuwada initially fled the scene of the crime in his car but was soon caught and arrested. Another employee of the real estate firm who fell down a stairway while trying to get away from the attack allegedly carried out by Kuwada suffered minor injuries, police said.

According to a 65-year-old man who has business relations with Daikyo Home, Kuwada had ordered the real estate firm to work on an apartment building project.

The source said one of the employees of Daikyo Home called him for help at around 4 p.m., saying a man who had brought a sword in a golf bag had attacked two employees as well as the president.