Miyagi Harley floats across to Canada


A container that was apparently swept away from Miyagi Prefecture by the March 2011 tsunami has been found on a British Columbia island, and inside it contained a Harley-Davidson.

The motorcycle, found in the container by a local resident, bears a license plate showing it registered in Miyagi Prefecture, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. said Monday. The container may be the first debris from the disaster to arrive in Canada, the report added.

The discovery follows other findings in March, including a soccer ball and a volleyball that were swept away by the tsunami from Iwate Prefecture. Both washed ashore on Alaska’s Middleton Island. The owners of both items were later contacted.

The container with the motorcycle washed up on Graham Island on April 18. Peter Mark found it while he was riding his all-terrain vehicle exploring an isolated beach, the report said. The license plate on the rusted Harley-Davidson motorcycle reads Miyagi So 428.

“I gotta say, the first thing that popped into my mind when I was looking at the scene (was) I really wonder what happened to this person. I really hope this person is OK,” Mark was quoted as saying.

“I think the most important thing is that people treat the things they find with respect,” he said, according to the report.