Yamanashi civil servant arrested over fake marriage


A civil servant in Yamanashi Prefecture has been arrested with three others on suspicion of assisting a fake marriage between a Japanese man and a Chinese woman who wanted long-term resident status, police said Monday.

Toshiki Takano, 43, an employee of the Yamanashi Prefectural Government, allegedly certified a fake marriage in December 2008 between a 43-year-old home-renovation worker from Kai, Yamanashi Prefecture, and a 23-year-old Chinese woman with no fixed address, the police said.

The woman worked at a massage parlor — one of the many forms of sex business in the country, where many women from other Asian countries staying illegally are used by crime syndicates as prostitutes.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether the couple had ever met, the police said. There was no information regarding the fourth person arrested with Takano and the couple.