Power saving goal hit on 50% of July weekdays


The capital managed to achieve the government’s power conservation goal for eastern Japan on 11 of the 20 weekdays in July, Tepco said in data released over the weekend.

Tokyo Electric Power Co., manager of the crippled Fukushima No. 1 power plant, said the achievement was helped by cooler-than-usual weather.

The government has asked major companies to cut peak electricity demand by at least 15 percent this summer to avoid widespread blackouts from hitting the Kanto region due to the sharp decline in power generation capacity that resulted when the March 11 disasters crippled Tepco’s nuclear plant.

Automakers’ moves to close factories on Thursdays and Fridays and run them over the weekends instead has caused peak demand on weekends to occasionally outpace that on weekdays, with demand generally lower from Thursday to Friday than Monday to Wednesday, Tepco said.

Households have also been asked to voluntarily reduce power use by 15 percent.

In Tohoku Electric’s area, the goal was hit on 15 days in July.

The government expects power-saving measures to lower maximum demand at any point this summer to 55 million kw in Tepco’s service area, below the utility’s 57.2 million kw supply capacity as of the end of July.

The highest peak in demand this summer has so far been 46.27 million kw on July 15.