Kansai airport lures with 80% landing fee cut

OSAKA (Kyodo) Hoping to improve its competitiveness, Kansai International Airport Co. said Monday it will cut its regular landing fees for airlines by 80 percent if they increase flights or use bigger planes.

If an airline takes advantage of the discount program, the landing fee for a Boeing 777 with a landing weight of 280 tons would be reduced to about ¥100,000 from the current fee of ¥580,000. That compares with around ¥170,000 at South Korea’s Incheon International Airport, the company said.

The 80 percent discount will be made available for airlines whose combined landing weight at Kansai — calculated by multiplying a plane’s landing weight by the number of flights — grows over the same season the previous year.

The discount will continue until late March 2011.