Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry K.K. will sell pure gold dumbbells from March 25 in its shops in Tokyo and Osaka, amid growing interest in gold and healthier lifestyles in Japan.

“Gold won’t lose its asset value even after 100 years,” Hideya Okamoto, president of the company, said Wednesday, adding that he wants people to get such “golden power” by exercising every day with the dumbbells.

The company said that with the economy likely to pull out of deflation, gold and platinum have begun to draw people’s attention.

The cost of the dumbbells will fluctuate in line with gold’s daily rate and according to weight. The estimated price of one dumbbell weighing 1 kg will be 2.53 million yen, while that of a 2 kg dumbbell will be 5.06 million yen and for a 3 kg 7.59 million yen.