More than 60 percent of consumers who took part in a weekend telephone survey are concerned about the safety of chicken meat and eggs due to the recent outbreak of bird flu, it was reported Monday.

Most of these consumers, however, have yet to reduce their consumption of chicken meat or eggs.

Kyodo News contacted 1,497 people at random Saturday and Sunday, receiving valid replies from 1,024 of them.

Some 61.6 percent of respondents voiced concern over the safety of poultry products. Specifically, 14.1 percent expressed genuine concern while 47.5 percent said they were concerned “to some extent.”

Just 32.7 percent of respondents have started reducing their consumption of chicken meat, while 24.1 percent have begun reducing their consumption of chicken eggs. Moreover, 71.5 percent have not changed their eating habits in respect of restaurant meals and processed food products.

Asked what steps they have taken in the wake of the bird flu outbreak, 54.8 percent said they are paying more attention to product sources.

The survey findings indicate that while consumers in general are concerned about bird flu, they are staying calm, partly due to the government’s explanation that humans cannot be infected by chicken meat and eggs.

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