New Komeito leader Takenori Kanzaki said Monday the party is determined to continue supporting the Liberal Democratic Party in the House of Councilors election in July so the two-party coalition can maintain a majority in the chamber.

“If the LDP and New Komeito (together) fail to win a majority, the political situation will become unstable, which will have a negative effect on the administration of (Prime Minister Junichiro) Koizumi,” Kanzaki said at the Japan National Press Club.

“The LDP and New Komeito must at least secure a majority, and it is desirable to maintain a stable majority by holding a combined 130 seats” in the Upper House, he said.

He said his party will examine what kind of cooperation is possible after listening to requests from the LDP. The chamber will have its seats trimmed to 242 from 247 through the election.

Kanzaki said the two ruling parties have different opinions on various issues, including the Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education. New Komeito members have a sense of affinity toward the DPJ, and their views are close on some policies, he added.

“As long as the LDP deals sincerely (with us), we’d like to deal sincerely” with it, he said. “But our coalition might disintegrate if New Komeito cannot agree (with the LDP) on important issues.”

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