Luxury brand Chanel K.K. won the right to emblazon its logo on the glass building of the Tokyo International Forum complex in Chiyoda Ward, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government said Friday.

The metropolitan government owns the complex, which consists of halls, conference rooms and shops.

Officials announced in August that they would invite companies to purchase naming rights for the 60-meter-high building and use it as advertising space.

Chanel was selected from some 40 candidate companies, according to Tokyo International Forum Co., which manages the facility.

The fashion giant will pay about 260 million yen for the one-year contract, which starts in April, according to the government officials.

The metro government will continue to look for companies seeking to buy the right to advertise at the facility, they added.

“I expect Chanel has excellent ideas (for using the space),” Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara told a regular news conference the same day.

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