An exhibit featuring photographs of a family of four found murdered in their home in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, in December 2000 opened Sunday as part of efforts to prevent the incident from being forgotten.

Mikio Miyazawa, a 44-year-old company employee, was found stabbed along with his wife Yasuko, 41, and their two children Niina, 8, and Rei, 6, on Dec. 31, 2000. No arrests have been made so far, even though numerous clues, including clothing believed to have been worn by the perpetrator, were left at the scene.

Supporters of Miyazawa's relatives launched the photo exhibit in Shibuya Ward using photographs of the family that were returned from police earlier this year.

"We want people not to just think about how heinous the crime was, but also how happy the family was in life," one of the organizers said.

Among the photos are a shot of Niina cuddling a newborn Rei, and the family gathered around a birthday cake celebrating his birthday.

A 17-year-old high school student who had attended the cram school operated by Yasuko Miyazawa said he was saddened to see the photographs.