OSAKA — Mamoru Takuma told the Osaka District Court on Thursday that he stabbed eight children to death at an elementary school last June.

“There is no mistake,” Takuma said when asked by his lawyers whether he committed the massacre. Asked what kind of offenses took place, he replied, “Murder and attempted murder.”

Takuma, 38, made the admission after taking the stand for the second time since his trial began Dec. 27.

He is accused of killing seven girls and one boy with a knife June 8, 2001, at Ikeda Elementary School in Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture. He is also accused of wounding 13 other students and two teachers in the attack.

Takuma’s lawyers asked detailed questions about his background and what had happened around the time of the attack.

He replied by saying he suffered from physical violence at the hands of his father while he was a junior high school student.

Asked if he had feared his father, Takuma nodded after a long silence and said he thought of killing him at one point.

“I did not want to get involved with my father,” he told the court.

According to a deposition by Takuma read by prosecutors in court earlier this month, he told investigators he does not feel sorry for what he did.

“The media are making too much of a fuss,” he was quoted as saying. “What is the difference between being killed in a traffic accident and being murdered by me?

“On the surface, I think I have done wrong. But I have not come to feel like apologizing to the victims from the bottom of my heart.”

Takuma has pleaded guilty to killing the eight children and wounding the 15 other people in the attack.

His lawyers claim he may have killed in a state of temporary insanity due to an innate psychopathic disorder.

One of the main issues in the trial will be whether Takuma can be held criminally responsible for the charges. Six psychiatrists who have evaluated him in the past told the court he is not schizophrenic.

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