Sachiyo Nomura indicted over tax evasion

Prosecutors on Wednesday indicted Sachiyo Nomura, the wife of Katsuya Nomura, the former manager of the Hanshin Tigers professional baseball team, on charges of concealing more than 500 million yen of her and her husband’s income.

This action followed a complaint filed earlier in the day by the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau.

According to the indictment, Sachiyo Nomura, a former TV celebrity, hid some 380 million yen in income generated by two companies that she ran over a period of three years until fiscal 1999, thereby evading 120 million yen in corporate taxes.

She is also charged with concealing 140 million yen in personal income by padding deductible expenses over the same period, thus failing to pay 64 million yen in income tax.

Nomura is also accused of hiding 45 million yen of her husband’s income and evading 20 million yen in taxes.

Her husband’s income was managed by one of the companies owned by Sachiyo, according to prosecutors.

Katsuya Nomura has not been accused of criminal responsibility but stepped down as manager of the team on the night of Sachiyo’s arrest earlier this month.

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