To: Fuji TV Attn: Programming Department, production division From: Izawa Office Talent Agency Re: Proposal for drama series

As you are doubtless aware, our company has recently acquired the services of Kotaro Koizumi. We are proud to represent his interests as an actor and talent.

The mass media is already speculating as to how Kotaro will make his show business debut, and, though presently in his fourth year at university, the young man has expressed a desire to start working as soon as possible.

In order to “strike while the iron is hot,” we have drafted the following treatment for a drama series that would feature Kotaro in a central role. Because your network has continually demonstrated vision and imagination in the field of television drama, we are offering the idea to you first. Please note that this treatment is copyrighted.

Working title: “Nagata-cho Papa”

Synopsis: Earnest third-generation politician in his 30s is set up with a much younger woman from a well-to-do family. They produce two boys, but, with a third child on the way, the wife decides she’s had enough of her husband’s earnestness, not to mention his family, and they divorce. He keeps the two boys, and she, still pregnant, moves out to raise the third child by herself. They sever communications, and, consequently, the two boys he raises never see their mother again; while the son she raises never meets his father.

Over the years, the politician’s political fortunes grow until he reaches the pinnacle of the prime minister’s office. All the while, the youngest son follows his father’s career from afar, but when as a young man he attempts some kind of reconciliation with his father, he is rejected. Hurt and angry, he embarks on his own political career with one goal: the political destruction of his father.

With the exception of the final plot twist, you will surely recognize the story as having a certain resemblance to the real-life situation of our current prime minister. Rest assured that should you decide to greenlight this project, we, as Kotaro’s management company, will ensure that all individuals on whom the characters are based release your company from any legal constraint with regard to issues of privacy, etc. We are already in contact with most of the principals and discussing appropriate compensation with them.

We are open to suggestions regarding plot development and even the overall tenor of the drama (we believe the story could be presented with equal success as either a poignant drama or a wacky comedy). Our only non-negotiable condition is that Kotaro play the part of the youngest son. This may seem odd as Kotaro is the eldest son in the real-life scenario on which the treatment is based, but it was decided that, given the thrust of the story, the youngest son’s tale contains the greatest potential for dramatic development.

To pre-empt your most likely concern, we have contacted Ms. Kayako Miyamoto, Kotaro’s mother, and come to an informal agreement with regard to her portrayal in the drama. More importantly, we also have her assurance that the third son will not challenge his older brother’s portrayal of him.

“Wide show” reporters from competing networks broadcast Ms. Miyamoto’s tearful reaction to seeing Kotaro for the first time in 18 years on TV, following the announcement that he was entering show business. Ms. Miyamoto has received a great deal of public sympathy, so she believes it is in her best interest to “continue applying the screws to that deadbeat ex-husband of mine” (her words).

Also, we wish to make you aware of the fact that Kotaro himself is involved in the project not only as an actor but on the production side as well. For this reason, we can guarantee his father’s cooperation, albeit indirectly.

As his recent visit to Yasukuni Shrine demonstrates, the prime minister has a limitless capacity for looking past the actual effects of his actions, and Kotaro has assured us that in all probability he won’t understand the gist of the script. At present, the prime minister’s only condition is that he be played by Masakazu Tamura, who, although much shorter than the prime minister, is not in our opinion a problematic choice.

Finally, we would like to stress the historical importance of such a project. Last fall, Kotaro entered a televised pageant conducted by your rival, Asahi TV, to find the “Yujiro Ishihara for the 21st Century.” Due to Asahi’s lack of vision, he was eliminated early on. Like many Japanese, Kotaro is a great admirer of the late “Elvis of Shonan Beach,” and believes that, given his pedigree, he can be just as great — if not a greater — star.

Recently, there has been speculation that, given his exceptional popularity and his maverick status within the LDP, the prime minister might break with that party to establish one of his own; and that Yujiro’s older brother, Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara, would join him in this great political endeavor.

If Fuji TV agrees to our proposal, and the prime minister does embark on this bold path, the PR value to both our companies will be immeasurable. At last, the Japanese entertainment industry and political world will have achieved genuine synergy.

We invite you to join us in the creation of a dynasty.

Yours truly, Izawa Office

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