Nuclear power remains important to Japan despite Germany’s decision to shut all its power reactors by the early 2030s, Ministry of International Trade and Industry officials claimed Thursday.

“Each country has its own conditions in formulating energy policy. As for Japan, nuclear power generation remains important,” a ministry official said.

Berlin’s announcement, made earlier Thursday, could affect Japan’s ongoing review of its energy policy, however.

Germany’s decision “will be taken up at meetings of an energy subcommittee,” an Agency of Natural Resources and Energy official said.

The Advisory Committee for Energy subcommittee is working on recommendations for Japan’s energy policy.

The recommendations are likely to include a cut in the number of nuclear plants planned and more use of alternative energy sources, including wind and natural gas. A governmental plan envisages the construction of 16 to 20 nuclear plants by fiscal 2010, but the target has been rendered impossible because of public opposition and concerns over nuclear safety.

The subcommittee, which includes three members opposed to the government’s nuclear energy policy, plans to submit the recommendations by next spring.