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Life expectancy for Japanese will surpass 90 in 2050, a U.S. research firm said in a report released Wednesday.

By that year, Japanese will live for an average 90.91 years, the longest among the Group of Seven countries, Mountain View Research said in a survey that was scheduled to be published in the June 15 issue of the journal Nature.

The projected life expectancy is far longer than the official Japanese government estimate of 82.95 years for the same year, the firm said.

Mortality rates in the G7 countries will continue to decline as science alters the face of medicine, said the National Institute of Health, which funded the survey by the research firm based in Los Altos, Calif.

The firm put life expectancy at 85.26 for Canadians, 87.81 for French people, 83.12 for Germans, 83.79 for Britons and 82.91 for Americans. It gave no figure for Italy, the remaining G7 member.

The survey “found that mortality at all ages in every (G7) country has declined at a steady, exponential rate for the past 50 years,” the NIH said.