A 28-year-old man drove his car onto a crowded sidewalk near the Roppongi Intersection in Tokyo’s Minato Ward early Saturday morning, plowing into pedestrians, a confectionary shop, a taxi and injuring six people, police said.

The five pedestrians and the taxi driver suffered minor injuries. Police arrested the driver, Takaaki Higashiizumi, on suspicion of drunk driving.

At around 6:30 a.m., Higashiizumi attempted a left turn at the intersection, but ended up veering toward the sidewalk. He then apparently mistook the accelerator for the brake pedal, police said.

The car lurched forward, hitting five pedestrians, the wall of a confectionary shop and a taxi before coming to a halt, police said.

The area was crowded with people on their way home after partying on Friday night.

Subway shenanigans

OSAKA — A 31-year-old man behind the wheel of a station wagon drove his vehicle into a car at an intersection in Osaka on Saturday morning before driving down into the entrance of a subway station while trying to make his getaway, police said.

Hiromitsu Hori’s vehicle collided with a passenger car driven by Katsuhiro Bando, 27, at an intersection in Osaka’s Chuo Ward at around 5:30 a.m. Hori then drove about 200 meters west of the intersection, stopping with the front of the car 10 meters down the stairs of an entrance to Morinomiya Station on the Chuo Subway Line.

Takeshi Hori, 35, a passenger in the station wagon, sustained head injuries and remains unconscious and in critical condition, police said.

Hori and Bando both received slight injuries in the accident, police said.

Hori had been drinking, police said. They suspect he was attempting to flee from the site of the accident when he mistakenly drove into the subway entrance.

It took three hours for two tow trucks to pull Hori’s car out of the subway entrance.