Following are the main points of revised bills on the updated Japan-U.S. defense cooperation guidelines:
1) “Situations in areas surrounding Japan” that would require the dispatch of the Self-Defense Forces are defined as situations in which the peace and safety of Japan are gravely threatened, for instance, those that if not addressed would result in a direct military attack on Japan.

2) The purpose of the bills is to ensure Japan’s peace and safety and to contribute to the effective use of the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty.

3) The clause concerning ship inspections was removed. The original bills called for a U.N. Security Council resolution as a precondition for inspecting unidentified ships.

4) new clause has been added to require Diet approval prior to SDF logistic support operations in noncombat zones as well as search-and-rescue operations. Diet approval can come after an SDF dispatch in case of high-level emergencies.

5) The results of SDF operations, in addition to the basic plan for the SDF dispatch and its changes, must be reported to the Diet.

6) The use of weapons by the SDF will be limited to that of self-defense when logistic support is being provided in noncombat areas or search-and-rescue operations are being carried out.

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