Bills initiated by Diet members in recent years:

1) The Organ Transplant Bill to enable organ transplants from brain-dead donors. (Approved by the Diet in June 1997.)

2) The Special Nonprofit Activities Promotion Bill to grant corporate status to volunteer and other citizens’ groups by recognizing them as official nonprofit organizations. (Approved by the Diet in March 1998.)

3) A set of financial reform bills to create the Financial Reconstruction Commission to deal with bank failures. (Approved by the Diet in October 1998.)

4) The “Happy Monday” Bill to make Coming-of-Age Day (Jan. 15) the second Monday of January and Health-Sports Day (Oct. 10) the second Monday of October to create more long weekends starting in 2000. (Approved by the Diet in October 1998.)

5) Bill to prohibit sexual exploitation of children and the manufacture of child pornography. (Submitted to the Lower House in May 1998.)

6) Bill to give permanent non-Japanese residents the right to vote in local elections. (Submitted to the Lower House in October 1998.)

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