Gary D. Forsee, president and CEO of international telecom joint venture Global One, stressed the stability of the alliance as well as the importance of the Japanese market at a press conference held Tuesday.

Global One is an equity-based joint venture launched in 1996 by Deutsche Telekom AG, France Telecom S.A. and Sprint of the United States, targeting multinational customers.

Forsee pointed out that, in contrast to the Global One alliance, membership of other alliances formed in the international telecom industry have been changing over the last few years. “We are the most stable global alliance,” Forsee said. “One thing you would not see within the Global One alliance partners is a change in basic concept and basic strategy.”

The Asia-Pacific region, especially Japan, is a very important market to Global One from a strategic viewpoint, and the alliance will continue to seek its partner in Japan as well as in the region to enhance consumer benefits, Forsee said.

In Japan, Global One Communications, Inc., a local subsidiary of Global One, was founded in 1996. Global One Communications Network, Inc., another Japanese subsidiary, obtained a Type-I carrier license last December, allowing the firm to have long-term contracts on infrastructure and thus help reduce its costs.

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