OSAKA — More than 700 businesspeople from 33 countries gathered here Oct. 20 for the opening of the annual Global Business Opportunities Convention.The three-day convention, which began in 1983 to offer Japanese small and medium-size companies the chance to meet potential business partners from abroad, is taking place at My Dome Osaka in Chuo Ward. Reflecting recent demand from the domestic market, an increasing number of companies opened booths displaying new products or services related to care for the elderly, health care and to the environment. Chinese companies have the largest number of booths, followed by American firms.The event, sponsored by the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, features a new section this year where Japanese and foreign organizations are offering advice to Japanese firms wishing to expand business overseas. The convention will be followed by Asia Pacific Ventures, where 35 companies selected from nine countries including Japan will present their business plans to potential partners. APV will be held Oct. 23 and Oct. 24 at Chamber headquarters.

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