OSAKA — Sakae Maruyama, now under arrest for allegedly mutilating the body of her husband in Katano, Osaka Prefecture, last year, confessed that she tried to hide parts of his body after dismembering it, police sources said August 25.

She has already confessed to stabbing Hiroaki Maruyama, 51, with a knife after an argument. “I had an argument with my husband and unknowingly found myself stabbing him,” the sources quoted the suspect as saying. But she said she did not know if “I killed him, or if he died,” they added.

The suspect had told police that she found him collapsed in their apartment bathroom last winter, but “I didn’t know if he was dead.” The badly decomposed body of the man was found in the bathtub of their Katano condominium earlier this month. Parts of the body were mutilated and found in a refrigerator in the residence.

The couple married in November 1995. Police will further interrogate Maruyama to learn more about the case.

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