Aum Shinrikyo founder Shoko Asahara disrupted his trial again Jan. 31, blurting out comments about the presiding judge, his defense attorneys and even people in the gallery.His reckless behavior had brought him to the brink of eviction Jan. 30 for a third time from the Tokyo District Court, and the presiding judge repeatedly told the guru to be quiet Jan. 31. Asahara’s mumbling began soon after the hearing opened at 10 a.m. with two police officers testifying as prosecution witnesses. Asahara sometimes raised his voice, apparently complaining about the court proceedings, such as claiming he was not given opportunities to review evidence.Asahara, 41, sometimes referred to crimes allegedly committed by Aum members without the judge’s approval to speak. “I would like to talk about the (1989) Sakamoto (murders) case and the Matsumoto sarin incident (in 1994),” he said. “What is clear is the date and time …”He said to presiding Judge Fumihiro Abe: “Is Fumihiro Joyu playing up there?” He was apparently associating the judge’s given name with that of the cult spokesman now in custody. Asahara has weak eyesight and apparently could see the judge’s face from his seat.Asahara also told the gallery of 90 people, including reporters, “Please stop listening.” When Abe warned Asahara that he faced eviction, Asahara said, “Sure, let’s go,” and tried to stand up. Several Tokyo Detention House workers sitting nearby stopped him.

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