Before SungWon Cho was a celebrated voice actor, he used to write radio plays, do voices for video game and anime characters and “post stuff online” under his internet moniker, ProZD.

The way he describes his early beginnings feels like a hark back to an older internet — before social media well and truly exploded, it was possible to find niche communities on the fringes of spaces like Tumblr and Vine. Back then, this was how most aspiring voice actors got their start.

Today, Cho is a veteran with more than 10 years of experience portraying characters in anime, cartoons and video games. If you’ve never seen Cho (either in his online videos or, more recently, in a supporting role in 2023’s “Blackberry”), you’ve likely heard him as Hibasa in Monster Hunter Rise, Darros in Fire Emblem Heroes and Vaserage in Granblue Fantasy Versus. One of his best known roles is Ratatoskr, a mythical squirrel messenger, in God of War Ragnarok, where he also provided motion capture and writing assistance.