I always thought Family Mart was the weakest link in the konbini (convenience store) sweets game. In recent times, though, the chain has upped its dessert game and now it boasts some of the best guilty pleasures on the market.

A recent highlight has been a strawberry cake that comes in a cup and is topped off with Hokkaido cream. This creation (¥298 after tax) finds a nice balance between the fruit and sugar, with all the elements meshing well.

I also have to mention the chocolate cheesecake. This rectangular slice of heaven (¥238 after tax) debuted late last year and has emerged as a marquee original, even earning praise on Japanese television. The hype is warranted, this soft two-layered cake serves up a lovely texture and is topped off with cocoa crumbs. I’m going to add this one to the konbini hall of fame and, with that, forgive Family Mart’s once uneven track record of post-dinner dishes.