There may not be any office holiday parties, or raucous get-togethers this year, but that just means you have even more reason to put together your own festive smorgasbord with the new desserts convenience stores across the country roll out weekly.

FamilyMart has just started selling a pair of cakes, both of which are very much worth space on your table. The cream caramel chocolate creation (¥258 after tax) strikes a fine balance between its three distinct sweet elements. Or, if caramel isn’t your thing, the chain's new, elevated chocolate cake (¥348 after tax) keeps its titular flavor rich and simple with a chocolate sponge cake, chocolate cream and chocolate ganache.

Seven-Eleven, meanwhile, has embraced a New England staple. Its new whoopie pie (¥149 after tax) stuffs a sugary buttercream between sprinkle-topped rounds of chocolate cake. This is one bite-sized delight to enjoy while you still can.