Words and phrases

欧州連合 (おうしゅうれんごう) European Union

欧州議会 (おうしゅうぎかい) European Parliament

請願委員会 (せいがんいいんかい) Petitions Committee

16日 (じゅうろくにち) the 16th

日本人 (にほんじん) Japanese person/people

加盟国 (かめいこく) member state

国籍者 (こくせきしゃ) national

国際結婚 (こくさいけっこん) international marriage

破綻(はたん)する to fall apart

場合 (ばあい) case, scenario

など and others

親 (おや) parent(s)

国内 (こくない) within the country

子 (こ) child, children

一方的(いっぽうてき)に unilaterally

連(つ)れ去(さ)る to take away, to abduct

禁(きん)じる to prohibit

〜するよう…に求(もと)める to urge … to ~, to call on … to ~

政府 (せいふ) government

決議案 (けつぎあん) resolution

全会一致(ぜんかいいっち)で unanimously

採択(さいたく)する to adopt

こうした such

ケース case

かなりの considerable

数 (かず) number

上(のぼ)る to reach

驚(おどろ)くべき surprising, alarming

状況 (じょうきょう) situation

指摘 (してき) to point out

欧州委員会 (おうしゅういいんかい) European Commission

対日協議 (たいにちきょうぎ) meeting with Japan

この this

問題 (もんだい) problem, issue

取(と)り上(あ)げる to take up

7月(しちがつ) July

本会議 (ほんかいぎ) plenary session

採決 (さいけつ) vote

予定 (よてい) plan

国境 (こっきょう) national border

越(こ)える to pass beyond

子(こ)ども child(ren)

取(と)り扱(あつか)い treatment

定(さだ)める to stipulate

ハーグ条約 (じょうやく) the Hague Convention, Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction

締約国 (ていやくこく) signatory country

適用(てきよう)する to apply

Quick questions

1) 委員会で取り上げられたのはどのような問題ですか?

2) 決議案は、このような連れ去りの状況についてどう指摘しましたか?

3) ハーグ条約締約国である日本で、なぜそのような連れ去りが起こるのですか?


A resolution calling on the Japanese government to prohibit Japanese parents from unilaterally taking away children after the breakdown of an international marriage to a European Union national, or other such scenarios, was adopted unanimously by the Petitions Committee of the EU’s European Parliament on the 16th. The resolution pointed out that these sorts of cases “have grown significantly in number, (and) is an extraordinary situation.” It also urged the European Commission and EU member state governments to take up the issue when holding meetings with Japan.

The resolution is expected to be put to a vote at the European Parliament plenary session in July. Japan is a signatory country to “the Hague Convention,” which stipulates the treatment of children taken across borders, but the principles have no (direct) application to domestic abductions.


1) What sort of issue was raised at the committee?


Japanese parents abducting their children within Japan when their marriages with EU nationals fall apart.

2) What did the resolution point out about the situation regarding such abductions?


It pointed out that there are a significant number of such cases and the situation is alarming.

3) Why do such abductions occur in Japan, a signatory country to the Hague Convention?


Because the convention’s principles do not apply to domestic abductions.

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