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一方で3月の推定販売金額は、雑誌全体では約8%減。中国で生産していた付録の出荷が遅れて発売延期となった月刊誌が出たことなどが影響した。書籍は約4%減少した。 (KYODO)

Words and phrases

今年 (ことし) this year

3月 (さんがつ) March

学習参考書 (がくしゅうさんこうしょ) study guide

書店 (しょてん) bookstore

店頭 (てんとう) storefront, over the counter (when it comes to sales)

売(う)り上(あ)げ sales

前年同月比 (ぜんねんどうげつひ) on year-on-year basis, literally “compared to the same month last year”

約 (やく) approximately

増 (ぞう) increase

児童書 (じどうしょ) children’s book

~となる to become ~

24日 (にじゅうよっか) the 24th

出版科学研究所 (しゅっぱんかがくけんきゅうじょ) The Research Institute for


東京 (とうきょう) Tokyo

調査 (ちょうさ) survey

分(わ)かる to understand, used in newspapers to convey the idea of “it was learned”

新型(しんがた)コロナウイルス novel coronavirus

感染拡大 (かんせんかくだい) spread of infection

学校 (がっこう) school

休(やす)み day off, closure

自宅学習 (じたくがくしゅう) studying at home, homeschooling

巣(す)ごもり nesting, staying home

需要 (じゅよう) demand

高(たか)まる to grow

分析(ぶんせき)する to analyze

同 (どう) the same, the aforementioned

~によると according to ~

学年別(がくねんべつ)の divided by grade

ドリル drills, workbook

学習効果 (がくしゅうこうか) learning effect

見込(みこ)む to expect

子(こ)ども children

~向(む)け for ~, aimed at ~

読(よ)み物(もの) reading material

伸(の)びる to climb, to stretch

雑誌 (ざっし) magazine

~では regarding ~

月刊 (げっかん) monthly publication

コロコロコミック CoroCoro Comic

~といった such as ~

漫画誌 (まんがし) manga magazine

など and others

好調(こうちょう)である to be in good shape

一方(いっぽう)で on the other hand

推定販売金額 (すいていはんばいきんがく) estimated sales

全体(ぜんたい) whole

減 (げん) decrease

中国 (ちゅうごく) China

生産(せいさん)する to produce

付録(ふろく) free supplements that come with magazines

出荷(しゅっか) shipment

遅(おく)れる to be delayed, late

発売延期(はつばいえんき) postponed sales

~が出(で)た there were cases of ~

影響(えいきょう)する to affect

書籍 (しょせき) book

減少(げんしょう)する to decrease

Quick questions

1) 3月の書店店頭での学習参考書の売り上げが増えたのはなぜですか?

2) どんな雑誌が売れましたか?

3) 雑誌全体の推定販売金額が減った理由の一つは何ですか?


A survey by the Research Institute of Publications in Tokyo released on the 24th found that over-the-counter sales at bookstores for study guides in March rose about 30 percent compared to the same time last year, while (sales) of children’s books rose about 12 percent. Analysis saw “growth in demand due to homeschooling and people ‘nesting'” as schools closed to prevent the spread of infection by the novel coronavirus.

According to the institute, there was a climb in sales of reading material for the purposes of enhancing the learning experiences of children and grade-by-grade workbooks. Among magazines, child-oriented manga magazines such as “Monthly CoroCoro Comic” were in particularly good shape.

On the other hand, estimated sales for all magazines in March saw a decrease of around 8 percent. Shipments of supplements produced in China were late and that impacted the release of some monthly magazines whose sales were postponed. Book (sales) decreased by about 4 percent.


1) Why did over-the-counter sales of study guides at bookstores increase in March?



Due to increased demand resulting from homeschooling and “nesting,” following the closure of schools to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus.

2) What kind of magazines sold well?


Manga magazines aimed at kids, such as “Monthly CoroCoro Comic.”

3) What is one reason for the decrease in the estimated sales of magazines as a whole?


The postponed sales of some monthly magazines owing to late shipments of supplements from China.

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