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「リベラル志向でクールな雰囲気」を保ちながらも、安倍政権で閣僚ポストに就くなど「抜け目のない政治家だ」と分析。家系や、第一子が誕生予定であることを紹介、男性の育児休暇取得への支持を表明しているが、自ら「模範を示す」のかどうかは不明だと指摘した。 (KYODO)

Words and phrases

英紙 (えいし) British newspaper

タイムズ The Times

2日 (ふつか) the 2nd

今年 (ことし) this year

注目(ちゅうもく)するべき~ should take notice of ~ (should look out for~)

世界(せかい)の the world’s

20人 (にじゅうにん) 20 people

小泉進次郎 (こいずみしんじろう) Shinjiro Koizumi

環境相 (かんきょうしょう) environment minister

選(えら)ぶ to select

氏 (し) Mr., Ms.

~について about ~

顔 (かお) face

良(よ)い good

独創的(どくそうてき)な original

考(かんが)え idea

持(も)つ to have

世襲 (せしゅう) hereditary

政治家貴族 (せいじかきぞく) political aristocrat

~なのか … なのか either ~ or …

彼(かれ)の his

世代 (せだい) generation

最(もっと)も the most

興味深(きょうみぷか)い interesting

有望(ゆうぼう)な promising

相反(あいはん)する opposing

見方 (みかた) view

~がある there is/are ~

指摘 (してき) indication

力量 (りきりょう) ability

試(ため)される to be tested

年 (とし) year

~となるだろう will be ~

占(うらな)う to predict

リベラル liberal

~志向(しこう) ~-minded

クールな cool

雰囲気 (ふんいき) atmosphere

保(たも)つ to maintain

~ながらも while ~

安倍政権 (あべせいけん) administration of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

閣僚 (かくりょう) Cabinet

ポスト post

就(つ)く to take up

など for one

抜(ぬ)け目(め)のない shrewd

分析(ぶんせき)する to analyze

家系 (かけい) family line

第一子 (だいいっし) the first child

誕生予定 (たんじょうよてい) expected to be born

紹介(しょうかい)する to introduce

男性 (だんせい) male

育児休暇 (いくじきゅうか) childcare leave

取得 (しゅとく) taking, acquisition

支持 (しじ) support

表明(ひょうめい)する to express

自(みずか)ら by one’s own behavior

模範(もはん)を示(しめ)す to set an example

不明 (ふめい) unclear

Quick questions

1) 小泉進次郎氏についての相反する見方とはどんな見方ですか?

2) 彼はなぜ抜け目ない政治家と分析されたのですか?


British paper The Times on Jan. 2 selected Environment Minister Shinjiro Koizumi as one of this year’s “20 faces to look out for.” The paper indicated there are two opposing views of Koizumi — either he is a hereditary political aristocrat with a nice face but no original ideas, or he is the most interesting and promising politician of his generation — predicting that he will face a real test of ability this year.

While maintaining an atmosphere of liberal-minded cool, the newspaper analyzed him as a shrewd politician who has attained a ministerial post in the administration of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Introducing his family line and the fact that his first child is expected to be born, the paper pointed out that although he expresses his support for taking paternity leave, it is unclear whether or not he will set an example.


1) What are the two opposing views of Shinjiro Koizumi?


He is either a hereditary political aristocrat with a nice face but no original ideas, or the most interesting and promising politician of his generation.

2) Why does the paper analyze him a “shrewd politician”?


Because he has taken the ministerial post in the Abe administration while maintaining an aura of liberal-minded cool.

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