In all honesty, no one needs dessert following a meal at McDonald's.

Then again, sometimes you find yourself in a weird state of mind: Your eyes glance up at the sweets menu and you think, "I deserve this!"

Curently, the chain has two pie creations on sale to tempt customers across Japan into buying after-lunch treats. The newest variety, Triangular Chocolate Pie Amaou (¥150 after tax), actually contains a sweet Fukuoka Prefecture Amaou strawberry filling, which makes the "chocolate" in the name a bit confusing. But never fear, die-hard chocolate fans, there's also a proper Triangular Chocolate Pie Black one as well (¥130 after tax).

Opt for the fruity offering if you feel like living it up a bit: The outer shell is nice and flaky, with a sweet strawberry cream in the middle. It's better than the straight chocolate.

Prepare for both to be hot! Still, any temporary burning pain is worth it for this guilty pleasure.