At this point, the Pokemon franchise has teamed up with almost every big brand in Japan. Despite being inescapable advertising material for more than two decades, those little rascals are still going strong.

The latest collaboration finds Pokemon teaming up with Baskin-Robbins this August. If you are hosting a party sometime soon, the new Pokemon-shaped ice cream cakes might be a hit (¥3,300 with tax). Shaped like the heads of Pikachu and Eevee, these desserts respectively feature a mix of popping shower and strawberry, or caramel ribbon and milk chocolate.

Odds are, though, you just want something for yourself. The limited-edition Pikachu-themed fruits mix ice cream (¥390 for a single scoop) combines fruity flavors — including pineapple, orange and apple — with chocolates shaped like the iconic critter. The Pokemon-shaped sweets are excessive, and the ice cream is all you need. Just pluck those off, even if the folks at the Pokemon Co. wouldn't be happy about it.