When visiting Tokyo's Oshiage neighborhood, you might be so busy craning your neck at the Tokyo Skytree you'd miss the striking blue-and-white coffee shop nestled at its base.

Rarely will you find a more professional outfit than Unlimited Coffee Bar. Co-owners Daichi Matsubara and Rena Hirai founded Unlimited in 2012, at the beginning of Japan's third-wave coffee boom. Both are coffee experts, combining over two decades of experience as certified Japan Barista Championship judges.

Unlimited's baristas, many of whom are also Japan-wide champions, wear smart black blazers accessorized with a delicate gold antler pin — the shop's logo. The open espresso counter and wood-tiled brew bar lead to a circular counter, lined with similarly hued planks, where you can sip on coffee-infused cocktails, such as an espresso martini or citrusy cold brew gin and tonic, made with Unlimited's single-origin beans.